The authentic timepieces created by a Japan’s premier high jeweller TASAKI, with the progress of TASAKI’s accelerated global expansion, are being very well received, not only in Japan, but also overseas, for their freshness and surprising qualities.

Japanese aesthetic sense, sensitivity and precision craftsmanship
TASAKI’s identity of Quality, Creativity and Craftsmanship is also the starting point of TASAKI TIMEPIECES.
On the other hand, from the viewpoint of Japanese manufacturing, when one looks at manufacturing around the world, one realizes that quality items always have one thing in common.
That one thing is “craftsmanship”.

Switzerland, the watchmaking capital of the world, possesses this craftsmanship, and a pride backed by a steadfast national character, in addition to its long watchmaking history and tradition.
With craftsmanship as the keyword for this season’s project, in addition to Japan, TASAKI TIMEPIECES set out again, extending further afield, to Switzerland and the rest of the world.

Against this backdrop, TASAKI formed a partnership with a manufacturer in Switzerland, and it was there that a Japanese watchmaker at the forefront of watch development in Switzerland, with his origins in Japan, appeared.
The fusion of Japanese high jeweller TASAKI and Swiss-made watchmaking with a Japanese soul
TASAKI TIMEPIECES turn a new page, upon which their history will continue to be written.

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