Quality Creativity Craftsmanship

TASAKI TIMEPIECES are born from the Quality of our specially-selected materials, our highly imaginative Creativity, and the Craftsmanship of our three watchmakers.
TASAKI diamantaire Masanobu Ebisutani. One of the world’s few Japanese diamantaires, his eyes and fingers are covered by their own insurance policies.
TASAKI meister Katsuya Shinonaga. The production of TASAKI’s jewellery entails precise processes, a delicate touch, and a high-level of technique. Shinonaga is in charge of the artisanal processing that turns our high-quality materials and novel creations into reality.
The Odessa Tourbillon is manufactured by a master Japanese watchmaker. He creates each timepiece by hand-crafting most of the parts, right down to the smallest screw. This is the union of an extremely delicate technique – meticulous to a 1/1000mm – with TASAKI Craftsmanship polished through crafting exquisite jewellery. This gave birth to JAPAN MADE timepieces. The Craftsmanship upon which Japan prides itself to the world is ceaselessly pulsating within TASAKI TIMEPIECES.


JAPAN MADE is the utmost priority for TASAKI TIMEPIECES. Japan boasts delicate techniques and subtle aesthetic sensibilities that are found nowhere else in the world. TASAKI believes that only these can create premium and peerless mechanical beauty that will be the envy of the world.
Architecture and crafts that remain from long ago reveal that Japanese people have always viewed functionality and beauty as one of the same. The constantly shifting climate and landscape in a country like Japan made this view a practical necessity. One can but marvel at the artisanal techniques that spawned such functionality and beauty: many of these, even viewed from modern technology, are astonishingly dexterous and sensitive. The intricate housing in TASAKI TIMEPIECES is replete with Japanese techniques, aesthetic sensibilities, and pride.


Exceptional Japanese techniques, unique to Japan.
TASAKI is proud to offer the world premium timepieces that rely entirely on exceptional Japanese techniques. In pursuit of the ultimate opulence, TASAKI chanced upon an independent and uncompromising Japanese watchmaker. It was this encounter that allowed the TASAKI TIMEPIECES dream to materialize. Crafting premium timepieces, especially tourbillon, relies on a remarkable technique sensitive to units that are 1/1000mm. In the past, it was believed that such techniques could only be mastered within the traditional timepiece industry in Europe. This Japanese maestro, however, had thoroughly mastered these highly delicate techniques. In the course of time, this fruitful encounter blossomed: the two parties were able to initiate the process of collaborative craftsmanship. In pursuit of JAPAN MADE timepieces, two cogwheels were completely and inexorably aligned.


The Odessa Tourbillon features a moon phase indicator at the 12 o’clock position that rotates on a one-month or so cycle.
This indicator uses the Akoya pearl, one of TASAKI’s trademark jewels. Coupled with this, the white gold inlaying gives a sweepingly beautiful finish. Even the small moon phase is brimming with the extraordinary creativity that is built upon uncompromising TASAKI Craftsmanship.


A TASAKI original, “SAKURAGOLD™” is a symbol of the Japanese sense of beauty and colour.
This unique shade of gold thoroughly complements the skin, designed to evoke the lustrous and florid yet beautiful pink of Sakura, a faint crimson thrust into white. The fantastically elegant and premium SAKURAGOLD™ fits naturally onto the wrist, emitting a natural radiance that is profound and quietly restrained in equal measure.


Pearls, a veritable symbol of TASAKI, emit their extraordinary presence in TASAKI TIMEPIECES, as seen in the moon phase.
Diamonds of the highest quality, another ruling passion of TASAKI, are dextrously inserted into the crown and various other parts of the mechanism.


Pearls painstakingly nurtured in a bountiful ocean. Diamonds directly procured raw and assiduously cut. Premium craftsmanship begins with selecting premium raw materials.
TASAKI is particularly uncompromising about the most important material in its TIMEPIECES, the movement: a subtle and delicate mechanism crafted by a true Japanese watchmaker. Conducting all assembly work in Japan – from start to finish – ensures that the highest quality is maintained throughout the process. To own a TASAKI TIMEPIECE is to own a high quality product, truly symbolizing what it means to have a JAPAN MADE product.


TASAKI’s jewellery allures women around the world through designs that are bursting with ingenuity.
TASAKI defies the theory of design in pursuit of beauty, such as setting diamonds upside down. This approach to Creativity is equally uncompromising when it comes to creating TIMEPIECES. The stepped bezel that changes in appearance according to the angle from which it is viewed, the dial that audaciously makes use of pearls – design replete with surprises distinctive of TASAKI TIMEPIECES never fails to rouse excitement and passion in the eye of the beholder.

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